Graphilite graphic display board

Nidatec can supply the merchandising and printing industries with GraphiLite®, a high end honeycomb graphic display board. Thanks to its superior rigidity and dimensional stability, GraphiLite® panel can be used in a wide range of applications such as interior signage and display as well as furniture, kiosks, mounting and framing.

Our GraphiLite® display board is an eco-friendly and lightweight replacement for foams and wood-based materials.

Nidatec is commited to the environment and uses selected sources of papers from renewable forest resources as well as recycled papers. Our paper-based GraphiLite® board is 100% recyclable.

GraphiLite® board is designed to accommodate digital, flexo and screen printing, CAD table cutting and die cutting.

Nidatec carries various thicknesses and sizes and an extensive choice of medium and liners.